Where to eat in Barcelona?

When you decide to go on vacation, one of the things that worry you the most is probably being able to find where to eat good food at a decent price. But it’s not always possible when you don’t know the place and you can’t always trust online reviews. So, where to eat in Barcelona?

La Fonda”

Where to eat in Barcelona? Well, if you’re visiting the Gothic neighborhood, you absolutely have to try the restaurant called “La Fonda”. It’s located in Carrer dels Escudellers, 10, just a few meters from Plaça Reial. Since their cuisine is Spanish and Catalan, you’ll have the possibility to taste something typical. Anyway, don’t worry, they also have vegetarian and vegan options.

Where to eat in Barcelona?
La Fonda

Furthermore at lunch they offer a fixed price menu for 11,75 euros. You can have a starter, a main dish and a dessert.

The dishes quality is really good, the setting is elegant and cosy at the same time and the waiters are really nice.

In addition, it’s not compulsory to reserve a table, but it’s advisable if you want to find a table in August during the rush hour (in Spain that would be between 2 and 3 p.m.).

La Paradeta”

It’s a restaurant chain a little different from the usual but it won’t disappoint you. There are 7 restaurants in Barcelona and Sitges where you can eat delicious and fresh fish every day. And at a very convenient price too! “La Paradeta” will remind you of a fish market because you can select from the counter which kind of fish you want and how it has to be cooked. Then you order your drink, you seat at your table and you wait for them to call you to collect your dish. Yes, you heard correctly: in this restaurant there are no waitress, and that is why the prices are so cheap! Even if the setting isn’t the prettiest, the fish quality makes it worth it.

Where to eat in Barcelona?
La Paradeta


Now that you know where to eat in Barcelona, I’ll give you some general advice. Avoid La Rambla, it’s restaurants have menus created to attract hungry tourists, but the food is almost always cheap. Instead sea-view restaurants are ok if you like burgers, toasts, salads, etcetera.

I hope now it will be a little easier for you to decide where to eat in Barcelona!
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