DELE Preparation Course in Barcelona

DELE Preparation Course in Barcelona. Sprachschule. Intensive course for DELE exam preparation in Barcelona from Mondays to Fridays, always within the time frame from 9 am and 7 pm.


DELE Spanish exam preparation courses in Barcelona

Dates Session – 60 minutes Price

Fast learning!

The course is suitable for participants who want to prepare in a short time for the DELE exams. All of our Spanish language instructors are perfectly prepared to offer you a successful preparation for the DELE exams.

Every week new Spanish courses.

Our private Spanish courses will be taught exclusively by native speakers who hold a university degree.

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First day of course:

As you wish!

We are pleased to adapt ourselves to your timetables and needs.

20 hours a week


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You want to learn Spanish in Barcelona and you want to prepare for the DELE exams? We have the right Spanish intensive courses for your DELE exam preparation in Barcelona for you! Acquire the Spanish language by a fast and effective way in our language school in Barcelona. If you want to acquire Spanish fast and consistently, or if you want to polish your already existing Spanish knowledge, a Spanish intensive training is the best choice for you! With Spanish Active, you are always welcome to ask for a free trial Spanish session without any commitments

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