Picasso museum – Culture in Barcelona

Picasso Museum! If you’re interested in culture and you want to visit Barcelona, don’t miss “Museu Picasso”(this ist  Catalan for Picasso museum). Here you can see the artist’s first works and you can understand better his education, his life and his point of view. The museum presents two collections, one it’s permanent and it offers more than 4.000 art works, and the other is temporary and it depends on the period you’re visiting the museum.


Culture in Barcelona: Picasso museum
Picasso Museum’s exhibition room


The best days to visit this museum, and all the others in Barcelona, are Thursdays (from 6p.m.), the first Sunday of every month and “Opens Door” days. In these days, if you book online in advance, you can visit the museum for free or with excellent discounts.

In any case the online booking is mandatory.

The museum is in “Born” neighborhood, which is famous for its picturesque squares and history.

Get to “Museu Picasso” is pretty easy: you can use Urquinaona and Jaume I metro stations (L4), or Arc de Triomf metro station (L1).

Once you’ve decided your time schedule, I suggest you take a couple of hours to explore the wonderful little streets this neighborhood has to offer.


The museum is found in “carrer Montcada” (15-23) in 5 big buildings that are a great example of Catalan Gothic. I have to say, once you’ve entered, indications are not so clear. For instance, if you want the audioguide, first you have to pay in a room on your right, and then to take it you have to go backwards and enter another room on your left. But there are no clear indications. Fortunately many operators will easily tell you where to go. So don’t worry if you feel disoriented, it’s absolutely normal, you just need to ask to the staff.

Culture in Barcelona
Museum’s Picasso patio

After you’re in the actual museum, you can calmly enjoy the expositions. As a matter of fact you can stay in the building as long as you like, until its closure. You can listen to the explanations of the works you like the most, or of all the works if you wish!

Now you just need to take advantage of your time in Barcelona and enjoy the sun, the beach and some culture! And if you are still looking for a language course come to learn Spanish in Clase Barcelona Language School 🙂