Company Profile Clase Barcelona Language School

The language school AKTIV, with its headquarter in Munich, was founded in 2003 under the direction of Martin Polo. It consists of several branches across Germany and has 13 years of experience and growth to look back on. Finally, in 2012, the first European branch was opened in Spain. “Clase Barcelona Language School” (CBLS) was founded by Mr. Emre Koçak and Mrs. Clare Billig and since then has been making a name for itself as a place to go for language learning as well as for social and cultural projects. The language school is located at the very heart of Barcelona in one of the city’s most exciting districts, “Eixample”, just steps away from the attractions of the capital’s center. The building dates back to the year 1880 and will surprise you with charming stucco ceilings and mosaic floors.

The school offers a lot of different courses for language learners (German, Spanish, English, Italian, French and Turkish) and an internship training program for students to bridge the gap between study and professional employment.

Since 2014, a growing network of teachers shares a common philosophy and supports the school offering language courses all over Spain. Locations throughout the nation can be provided by cooperating with different training centers.

Our History

In spring 2012, Emre Koçak and Clare Billig decided to leave Germany to open a language school in the heart of Barcelona. Both had already gained many years of experience, Mr. Koçak as a conference interpreter for numerous international companies, and Mrs. Billig in school social working and as a leader of abh-projects. Due to the schools’ successful management the number of students quadrupled in the first year and became seven times higher in the following year – with an increasing tendency. After firstly having focused on group learning for private clients like a traditional language school, the requests from Germany and Spain for cooperation for various European projects multiplied over time. Thus, after almost four years, the language school has a good and rising track record. The schools’ central issue is to promote social and cultural projects connecting Spain and Germany, and to arrange employments as well as apprenticeships. Due to Spain’s economic crisis, many people wish to get jobs throughout Europe and many young people seek their fortune in Germany. CBLS starts at this point and tries to best fit each student’s needs as good as possible, pedagogically and individually.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is not only to provide language courses, but rather to encourage our students to use the acquired language in everyday situations safely. Our secret consists of combining many years of experience in the field of social work, youth social work and education. Our concept aims to foster communication taking into account the socio-cultural characteristics of each group.