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Learn Spanish in Barcelona at “Academia Barcelona”

Our introduction„Learn Spanish in Barcelona“ is based on the observation that Spanish represented one of the three world languages and is spoken by more than 450 billion people. If you are looking forward to travelling to Spanish-speaking countries or you need our Spanish courses in Barcelona for your work or maybe you are thinking about emigrate to a spanish-speaking country, you can join one of our courses.

Spanish courses for beginners and advance students (A1 to C2)

Spanish courses in Barcelona. New courses start every Monday. Learning Spanish is more than just memorizing. You can join events, which are organized by us and we take care about your wishes and questions, so you that can have the best lessons and teams as possible.


=> Next Spanish Intensive course for beginners (A1) starting: Monday 3th December 2018


Spanish courses in Barcelona

Learn Spanish in Barcelona in our certified language school Academia de idiomas Barcelona! We offer you Spanish according to your schedule and your preferences and you can choose between different courses over the year.


Our language school in Barcelona

Our language school chain counts more than 10.000 satisfied participants and is represented in Germany too. Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Freising and Ingolstadt. Learn Spanish and discover Barcelona!


Jobs and internship in Barcelona

Are you looking for an internship or a job after your language course? We can help you! The team of our language school Academia Barcelona will be glad to arrange an internship in Barcelona for you.

Spanish intensive courses: learn Spanish fast

We offer different intensive courses in Barcelona from 1 – 4 weeks. It will be the perfect Spanish course, if you think about learning Spanish quickly. You are welcome anytime to make a level test to find out your Spanish level so that you can start on every Monday in the course that fits to you.

Spanish language holidays with accomandation

We offer you the perfect accomandation for your stay in Barcelona from a hostfamily to a luxury suite in a Hotel. You can choose whatever you want.

Learning Spanish: private or intensive lessons

With our help you are going to know how many facet this culture and country has. You have to use this time to get to know the people and to improve your Spanish skills. You will be surprised how fast your communication gets better! At all this language clases are for every age. Our courses are small, so we can prepare you for any official test, for example for your final exam. Otherwise, if you need something special, we have the option of private lessions, therefore you can learn directly what you need.

We are open from Monday to Saturday, every time of the year. If you want to connect your holidays with Spanish lessions or vacational training – you are welcome! The team of  teachers are looking forward to make your time in Barcelona unforgettable.

To learn Spanish in Spain – the advantage

Nowhere you could learn Spanish better than in Spain! You will be surprised how fast you will notice your improvement. This ist the difference to your country: you can use the language directly and this helps you a lot to learn Spanish.

Why Barcelona ? Good reasons to learn Spanish in Barcelona

Barcelona gives you many options to use your new language. Its the second biggest city in Spain with 1,8 million inhabitants. At the evenings or at night you can stroll over the Boulevards or the famous “Las Ramblas”. Here you can join the atmosphere with a drink and you will be assumed as a guest. You are going to get into conversations with Spanish people quickly, so – once more – you have the chance to improve your Spanish.

Barcelona is also the center of the culture of Catalonia. At first the Roman people leaved their traces of their civilization, after that the moors, the queen of Aragon and the Spanish ruler came and embossed the city. The world famous cathedral “Sagrada Familia”, built by Antoni Gaudi at the end of the 19th century is also here.

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