Philosophy of Clase Barcelona Language School

A breath of fresh sea air, warm shafts of sunlight in the evening hours, open-minded people from all parts of the world, lively Spaniards and Spanish classes within our well-proven concept. Our language school team in Barcelona offer all this.

We have given ourselves the task not only to teach the Spanish language through pure language classes. Long years of experience in social-, youth, and adult work make it possible to provide students with support in order to use the acquired language knowledge within an appropriate framework. This is a concept, which does not only aim to gain a new language, but also to provide the adequate contact within it. We offer the right course for each age group.

The language course Spanish for the job, university or school is perfect for everybody who wants to increase his or her possibilities on the international labor board in the present or in the future. At the end of our language courses, each participant receives a certificate of course participation. If you take the decision to attend one of our Spanish courses, we offer you courses according to the Common European Framework for languages. With the internationally recognized certificate, you will be able to access the Spanish-speaking world.

With us, you will learn the Spanish language in a professional environment. Our team consists exclusively of professionals with university degrees and years of experience of teaching the Spanish language. This, consequently, ensures the best conditions to acquire the language.

Beyond the language competence, it is our goal to inform you about cultural issues. You will be made familiar with the local culture. This will be helpful for you, for instance in professional terms. You will be better able to connect with international colleagues, business partners and clients in a multicultural context of our globalized society.


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