Internships and jobs in Spain

the agency for internships and jobs of the barcelona language school is especially directed to
Spain is one ofthe most beautiful, diversified and most attractive countries in Europe! Are you interested in an internship in Spain? Would you like to work in Spain? Our language school has a wide network and is pleased to help you with the search for a suitable internship or job!

We are in contact with different companies and internship agencies which support you to get something suitable for your personal needs and interests.

The agency for internships and jobs of the Barcelona language school is especially directed to:

– Students who have just finished school and who want to have some initial practical experience abroad before starting their studies or their professional training.

– Students who have to complete an obligatory internship in line with their undergraduate program.

– Professionals who aim to increase their qualifications by the improvement of their Spanish language.

– Interested people who want to improve their possibilities on the job market through international work experience.


The benefits of our agency for internships are:

– Organization of an internship or of a job according to your interest.

– Advantages because of our wide network in all parts of Spain.

– Support with application papers, also in Spanish.

– Organization of a suitable Spanish course in our language school Barcelona.

– Support for preparation for the internship, support during the internship and post-internship related work.

– We are pleased if you want to take benefit from our years of experience in the organization of internships and jobs. Our language school team in Barcelona is glad to help you with this.


Conditions for an internship or a job in Spain:

Many of the available positions for internships or jobs demand a language level B1 (According to the Common European Framework for languages). If you would like to improve your Spanish before you begin an internship or a job in Spain, you are absolutely welcome to visit one of our language courses in our Barcelona language school.

The organization of an internship is free for participants of our courses.

For non participants, the organization fee is 300,- Euro.