About Clase Barcelona Language School

About Clase Barcelona Language School. Sprachschule. Our Spanish language courses in Barcelona are professional and are based on the Common European Framework for Languages (see methodology). Our language courses are modern, lively, close to reality and are designed according to our participants´real needs. You participate actively in our language training sessions and we design our classes based on your interests, goals and learning speed.

We want to teach the Spanish language taking into account the necessary grammar in our Spanish courses in Barcelona. Apart from that, we want our participants to achieve a perception of cultural differences between the foreign and their own culture. Our participants, by this means, will reach a higher comprehension of foreign cultures, will be better able to estimate cultural influences and therefore will be better able to deal with Spanish, Latin-American, or other foreign business partners, colleagues, clients, friends, etc.

We want to prepare our participants with valuable background knowledge, numerous examples, encounters with Spaniards and Latin Americans, case studies, a Spanish and Latin American culture evening, Group workers and specific recommendations for intercultural encounters with the Spanish and Latin American culture.

About Clase Barcelona Language School

Our Spanish Language courses in Barcelona specifically aim for the following:

  • The goals of each corresponding course will be worked together with the group or individually, according to the needs, time and the participants´ wishes
  • Active course/training design
  • A pleasant atmosphere creates stress-free learning
  • Learning of language areas such as grammar, designed according to the specific participants´ needs
  • To increase comprehension and tolerance for intercultural encounters
  • To learn essential expressions with the corresponding gestures
  • To comprehend non-verbal communication and to understand and, if possible, to predict the local behavior in the correct way
  • To develop strategies for successful communication
  • To perceive differences between the own and the foreign culture
  • To develop strategies in typical conflict situations
  • To develop cultural competences
  • To prepare co-workers for a more efficient collaboration within intercultural workgroups