Your benefits at one sight

Your benefits at one sight – included in the price:

– Extensive consultancy and level evaluation.

– Free online Spanish course book as well as additional learning material.

– Free rental of literature, magazines, course books, newspapers and music.

– If required, all our offers are flexible in regard to time schedules.

– Individual support for all kinds of requests and bureaucratic tasks in a foreign country such as the search for a house, for a school or kindergarten, formalities or visas.

– Practical information of the country concerning facts such as insurance issues, hospitals, or doctors. Constant assistance: Personal, via e-mail or phone. We are always there for you!


Language Course Certificate

As our Spanish language school in Barcelona belongs to the well-known German language school Aktiv, you will receive a language certificate according to the Common European Framework for languages.

With this, you will increase your possibilities on the job market!