Your language course via Skype

Your language course via Skype. Academia de idiomas Barcelona. Learn Spanish, English, French, German or other languages of your choice  the simple way with one of our native speakers via Skype!

Our language school “Academia Barcelona” offers language courses via Skype so you can learn a language more comfortably from home or from work. Because Skype is so easy to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge, nothing stands in your way, if you want to learn a language this way. You only need a good internet connection, a computer that has a soundcard, some headphones along with a microphone (it is either integrated in the laptop or you can use a headset) and the programme “Skype“ which is available for free download on the website

You can download the programme for free and start calling immediately.

The procedure:

  •  download Skype from the internet.
  •  make sure your internet connection is solid and start a test call
  •  write us an email and ask for your first appointment (the first try-  out-appointment is for free, about 20 min.)
  •  you can attend our language course at any location you want
  •  especially designed for private lessons or small groups
  •  flexible hours and days
  •  available Monday – Sunday from 9am – 9pm
  •  choose a language: Spanish, French, English, German,  Chinese, Russian, Italian or other languages…




Our prices:

1 lesson with 60min: 35  €

10 lessons at 60min each → 350 €
10 lessons at 60min each → 650 € (instead of 700 €)

Make an appointment now and try it out for free and non-binding!

Our Clase Barcelona Language School offers language courses via Skype that combine all advantages of a conventional language course.
We offer exercises that you can do via Skype in order to improve your reading, writing and oral skills!
Our language course via Skype therefore is especially suitable for private lessons or small groups.
Oral skills of course get enhanced most of all, but the acquisition of grammatical skills also get promoted as well.

After the lesson homework gets sent to you via mail. This way you can recap what you learned during the lesson in order to reinforce the acquired knowledge. The done homework will afterwards get discussed in class with the teacher. Our language class via Skype offers you a variety of possibilities – amongst our native speakers we will find the right teacher for you, for every language you want to learn.