General terms and conditions Spraschschule Barcelona


  1. Registering for a course


1.1 This agreement is legally binding and applies to every student.

1.2 The student accepts our terms and conditions after completing his/her enrollment form for any of our courses.

1.3 The student is considered to have enrolled once the payment (advance or full payment) has been received by the school.


  1. Language courses


2.1 CLASE BARCELONA LANGUAGE SCHOOL (henceforth CBLS) reserves the right to cancel a group course, within a period of 24 hours before it begins, if the number of students enrolled for the course is fewer than five (5).

2.2 Complaints about the agreement conditions, the course, or any other service that CBLS provides, must be reported immediately to the school’s secretary or to the organisation responsible.

2.3 On public holidays (including local, autonomous and national holidays) there will be no classes and such days will not be recuperated.

2.4 “One hour” of class is equivalent to 60 minutes. Unless indicated otherwise, one lesson is equivalent to 1.5 hours (90 minutes) for Intensive and Extensive Group Courses.

2.5 CBLS works mainly with native teachers. Classes are given mainly in the language the students are learning. Not all teachers speak English fluently. It is not compulsory for CBLS to always provide native teachers or particular teaching methods.

2.6 CBLS reserves the right to change the course teacher at any time.

2.7 The course levels and the expectation of reaching a certain level at the end of the course are orientative and non-binding. The school does not commit itself to reaching a certain level at the end of a course.

2.8 In the Individual Class packs, it is not possible to change the language of the pack once the course has been booked and paid for; in the same way, it is not possible to change the student or to gift the hours to another student. The packs of hours are personal and intransferable. 


  1. Students’ obligations


3.1 The student is obliged to make the course payment (plus the enrollment fee, if necessary) a minimum of two working days in advance.

3.2 The student needs to be on time for the lessons and needs to warn the school in the case of a delay of more than 10 minutes.

3.3 Group Classes that are missed due to a student’s absence cannot be recuperated.

3.4 Individual classes can be cancelled by the student with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice; in this case, the student will not lose this class. If the student does not cancel with at least 24 hours’ notice, they will lose the hours scheduled for that class.

3.5 Individual Class packs should be completed within 2 months (maximum). Classes not completed during this period will not be recuperated or refunded. 

3.6 If not satisfied, the student can cancel the course immediately after the first class. The student must notify the school staff in writing by email and in person. From the second day of the course, under no circumstances will the school return the money for the payment or the enrollment fee if the student cancels for personal reasons.

  1. Payments

4.1 The student must pay the enrollment fee and course fee (which can be monthly, trimestral or a pack of hours) before the course itself starts.

4.2 Students will be informed by the school of the date of the monthly course renewal, and must make the payment for this renewal in advance of this date.

4.3 If the student does not pay a minimum of two days in advance of the start of the course, the school reserves the right to cancel his/her course participation.

  1. School Liability


5.1 The school accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any actions carried out by students, nor for any accidents that occur in the school’s facilities.